Dvilllas acts as a "private" developer.

We do everything a developer does - and to some extent buying a dvilla is similar to buying a villa from a developer. But there are three important differences.

- First, you only pay for the construction, not for the profit margin of a developer.
- Second, we develop and build for you alone. You're not subject to the delays of larger projects - where payments from the first buyers are used to pay for infrastructure, while construction is completed only when the last units are sold. That's not only safer, but also much faster.
- Third, from the outset the design is fully bespoke and personalised to your requirements.


A one-stop solution

Rather than having to deal with architects, technical architects ánd construction companies - with dvillas you have one contact with one partner and one price. No misunderstandings are possible and the responsibility lies 100% with one party.

One party that is financially committed to deliver the agreed quality at the agreed price and the agreed time. No "blame game" is possible where things get out of hand and each party can blame the others for deviations. "THE BUCK STOPS HERE".

Only by being fully integrated, from architecture to final cost and guarantee, can we control the process sufficiently to realise the exceptional value for money (and speed) we offer our clients.


Step 1: Architecture: innovative, no cure no pay, and fast.

We work with a team of ambitious international architects that strive to bring the best of international architectural design to the market at the most affordable price. Compare us to Zara or Ikea if you like: we find our inspiration in the world's best design and adapt it so it can be produced efficiently.

We are so confident you will like the result that we gladly work on a no cure no pay basis. You can pick and match ideas from our pre-designed models or even send us pictures of the style you like. Using advanced building design software and a cloud-enabled team of cooperating designers, we are many times faster than most traditional architects. Being able to generate and visualize several variations on a design in just a few hours, we also can achieve better creative results.

We can often deliver a totally customised design - from floor plans all the way to 3D photo-realistic images - in a handful of days, with no more input from you than two or three meetings or phone calls. We've even succesfully designed villas for clients we've never even met... It's a digital world. Apart from the dozens of pre-designed villas, we have an image database with thousands of pictures from which you can get your own inspiration.

Timeframe: one week


Step 2: Fixed price quote

Having detailed designs ánd 3D images, both you and the builder know exactly what will be built. The speed at which we produce designs makes it possible for you to know what exactly you can build on a given plot, ànd what it will cost, even before you actually buy it!

As our builders are totally aware of our building specifications, and know our designs intimately, they are usually able to give us a fixed price in about 48 hrs.

Timeframe: 48 hrs


Step 3: Execution project for Licence Application

In this phase we use local architects and lawyers, that produce this enormous amounts of paperwork needed for licencing in just a few weeks. They have expert knowledge of local townhall regulations, and a good working relations with them. Plus, townhalls know that our designs are always absolutely in tune with their regulations so our applications are processed swiftly.

Timeframe: 2-6 weeks in most cities - please consult us for Marbella as the current planning rules are subject to change


Step 4: Building

From here on, we ask you NOT to make any changes to the design, as the whole process is organised for optimum speed and efficiency. Our builders will complete one phase of the building process, at their risk and expense. Once completed, they invoice the agreed fraction of the price. We send this to the independent technical control organism ("OCT"), who will verify that the work is correctly executed. Only then, we release the payment to the builder.

The control organism, by the way, does more than certify the correct completion of a stage. At crucial moments - e.g. when concrete is poored, or the roofing is installed, they are present to make sure that everything is being done using correct materials and practices. This way you're sure that there are no hidden defects.

To make the stage payments to the builders, we need you to either pay a deposit of 15% (which we will hold in escrow) or provide a bank guarantuee for the same amount. This way the builder is also sure he will receive immediate payment and that the works can continue at full pace.

Timeframe: 9-10 months


Step 5: Enjoy!

Within 12 months, your villa will be ready to move in. Our price is literally all-in; the only thing you'll have to add is your furniture. And you will also be able to enjoy your villa in a carefree way - because on top of the 10 year construction guarantuee, most of our builders give you a 3-years comprehensive technical guarantee.

If you want to decorate the villa, we offer you - free - services of our interior designers. They will make you a design that will add value to your villa ánd take away the hassle of having to buy and coordinate installation of dozens of items. It will also save you money - as our interior designers can buy at factory prices and they will share savings on the consumer price with you on a 50/50 basis.

If you built the villa as an investment, you will be able to resell it - as the OCT certifications give you the option to deliver the house to your buyers with the legal 10-years construction guarantee backed by an insurance company.


How much time and involvement is needed?

That only depends on you. We often work for investors who want little involvement - they know that wé know better than anyone which models, materials and finishes sell and give the greatest "bang for their bucks". If you are too busy to bother with the details of building, your envolvement can be limited to selecting the plot you like best - plus a few hours to select the design and layout.

If you like a bigger input - our architects are happy to design, redesign and finetune your villa as many times as you like. You'll get precise, completely photo-realistic pictures of what the villa looks like before we even start building. (Once we start, however, we must ask you kindly nót to make any further changes, as that may upset a carefully planned process.)
Materials and finishes can be chosen and changed even during construction as long as they can be ordered and delivered in time.


What qualities are included and how can I choose?

We have picture "catalogues" of materials that are included in each quality level. For each element on the plan - e.g. a walk in shower - we have a (generous) budget and three alternative choices around that budget. Simply pick the model you like best and the price difference is added or deduced in a fully tranparent way.

As most materials are from major international brands, you can probably see them in showrooms around the world, even in your home country. As dvillas specifies materials for large numbers of villas we have volume discounts that all are builders benefit from and that are reflected in the prices.













We design, build and sell contemporary, minimalist and modern turnkey villas in Marbella, Mallorca, Ibiza and Spain (from Costa Brava to Costa del Sol).

Bouwfirma's, aannemers en sleutel op de deur in Marbella, Ibiza, Mallorca, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava en de Costa del Sol.
Passiefhuizen en BEN-woningen en net-zero energy huizen in Spanje, met of zonder ICF (insulated concrete forms).

Constructeurs clef en main, entrepreneurs et promoteurs de maisons et villas à Marbella, Ibiza, Mallorca, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava et la Costa del Sol.
Construction de maisons passives et zero-énergie.

vastgoed te koop. Marbella Inmuebles a venda, immobilien Marbella zu verkaufen - Immobilier à vendre à Marbella. Марбелья недвижимости на продажу - marbella imóveis para venda - الحوزة ماربيا الحقيقي -net-للبيع
Dream villas, houses, homes, apartments and penthouses for sale in Marbella: La Zagaleta, Benahavis, La Alqueria, Nagueles, Camojan, Los Monteros, Guadalmina, Sierra Blanca, Marbella Club, Meisho Hills

Builders of net-zero energy homes and passive houses in Spain, Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava.
Hedendaagse en moderne design villa's, huizen, apartementen en penthouses te koop in La Zagaleta, Benahavis, La Alqueria, Nagueles, Camojan, Benahavis, La Alqueria, Nagueles, Camojan, Los Monteros, Guadalmina, Sierra Blanca, Marbella Club.
Villas de design contemporain et moderne, maisons, maisons, appartements et penthouses à La Zagaleta, Benahavis, La Alqueria, Nagueles, Camojan, Benahavis, La Alqueria, Nagueles, Camojan, Los Monteros, Guadalmina, Sierra Blanca, Marbella Club.
וילות עיצוב עכשוויות ומודרניות, בתים, בתים, דירות ופנטהאוזים בLa Zagaleta, Benahavis, La Alqueria, Nagueles, Camojan, לוס Monteros, Guadalmina, סיירה בלנקה, Marbella מועדון.
Zeitgenössische und moderne Design Villen, Häuser, Wohnungen, Apartments und Penthäuser in La Zagaleta, Benahavis, La Alqueria, Nagueles, Camojan, Los Monteros, Guadalmina, Sierra Blanca, Marbella Club.
Casas e mansões de design contemporâneas e modernas, apartamentos e coberturas em La Zagaleta, Benahavis, La Alqueria, Nagueles, Camojan, Los Monteros, Atalaya, Sierra Blanca, Marbella Club.
Ville di design contemporaneo e moderno, case, appartamenti e attici a La Zagaleta, Benahavis, La Alqueria, Nagueles, Camojan, Los Monteros, Guadalmina, Sierra Blanca, Marbella Club.
Moderne og moderne design villaer, hus, boliger, leiligheter og penthouse i La Zagaleta, Benahavis, La Alqueria, Nagueles, Camojan, Los Monteros, Guadalmina, Sierra Blanca, Marbella Club.
Samtida och modern design villor, hus, stugor, lägenheter och takvåningar i La Zagaleta, Benahavis, La Alqueria, Nagueles, Camojan, Los Monteros, Guadalmina, Sierra Blanca, Marbella Club.
Nutidige og moderne design villaer, huse, boliger, lejligheder og penthouses i La Zagaleta, Benahavis, La Alqueria, Nagueles, Camojan, Los Monteros, Guadalmina, Sierra Blanca, Marbella Club.
Современные и современный дизайн виллы, дома, дома, квартиры и пентхаусы в La Zagaleta, Лос Монтерос, Guadalmina, Sierra Blanca, Marbella Club.
المعاصرة والحديثة تصميم الفلل والمنازل والبيوت والشقق وبنتهاوس في لا Zagaleta، لوس Monteros، Guadalmina لل، سييرا بلانكا، نادي ماربيا.
当代和现代设计的别墅,房屋,住宅,公寓和阁楼,塞拉利昂La Zagaleta的洛杉矶蒙特罗斯Guadalmina布兰卡,马贝拉俱乐部。

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We are looking for design villas for sale in Marbella:
La Zagaleta, La Alzambra, Puerto Banus, Sierra Blanca, and Cascada de Camojan; as well as in
El Embrujo, Los Naranjos, Los Granados, Los Flamingos, el Rosario, Guadalmina and MonteMayor.
Other areas of interest are the Golden Mile, Sotogrande, Ibiza and Mallorca.